GodMode project roadmap

I want to start first with the wham library and get the most basic features in to make it usable at least for prototyping other things. Then I’ll move on to GodMode GUI and start off with just displaying data bundled with the app. Next steps will follow agile techniques, so feature after feature will be incrementally added into wham then GodMode.

Feature roadmap

  1. wham able to load and enumerate members of data sources (catalogues, game systems, rosters, data indexes)
  2. GodMode able to display sample data sources loaded from app package (local memory)
  3. Incremental features (mostly implemented first in wham then GodMode):
    1. Loading files from “workspace” folder (intended to be git repo)
    2. Basic editing of game system and catalogue data sources (including Undo-Redo in initial release)
    3. Advanced editing – copy/cut + paste, drag’n’drop, reordering, sorting, search, filter
    4. Editor tabs and windows – multiple open files and workspaces
    5. Convenience/productivity enhancements: reference count & listing & navigation, keyboard shortcuts, tab navigation
    6. Analyzers and Diagnostics – finding and listing incorrect data syntax, possible infinite recursive loops, dangling links etc.

That’s about all I’ve currently got in mind, except for the Live Roster Preview, which won’t be available until I implement full roster engine. This’ll be another huge project for later.

Current state:

I’ve finished the rewrite of Serialization/DTO package and it can succesfully serialize and deserialize every kind of data source file into/from a strongly typed tree structure.

Next step:

Implement Source package (includes SourceTree, Document, Workspace, Project classes) and implement those abstract classes for BattleScribe. Then start with GodMode GUI.

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