Unit tests killed my goodwill

I have to admit I failed to write anything this week. I was planning to add quite a simple feature for my RecordGenerator — handling [Record] attribute parameters. But I’ve feared it may break what currently works, so, naturally, I need to unit-test the project first, before adding new features. I’ve browsed through scaffolded Tests project and it seemed nice. Until I realized that everything here is meant to test single-file changes, and I mean literally everything. My CodeFix creates new Document and I’ve apathically lost interest in trying to convert all those tests, this whole Helper stack provided, into something working on new/added documents. Also, my CodeFix may modify both files because it also adds partial to the original declaration, if not already there.

All this made me feel really tired and as much as I know this has to be done, I couldn’t muster enough will for it this week. Most probably I need more sleep and a tiny bit more time 🙂

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