Programming in English

I think that English is almost perfect when it comes to best-fitted language for programming. Why?

The most obvious is that any and all keywords are always English. So naturally, it flows and reads best in conjunction. But lets set that aside. Most important in my opinion are these “features”:

  • simple grammar, not many exceptions for singular/plural words
  • ascii-friendly; while most compilers for higher-than-c-level languages are Unicode friendly, it still happens to open code in some editors that can’t handle it nicely
  • is best known international language so people from different countries can help

Of course my opinion is biased, I know only Polish, English, German and a little of Spanish, but of all these English is of course the simplest both in writing and thanks to America, in speaking.

I have seen code written in Polish, and some examples on StackOverflow have German and other language variable names and comments – it always looks weird and unnatural, not to mention that people from SO might have trouble helping out 😉

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